About Us

The Kingdom of Heaven is like…

A land owner.  The land owner in this parable is the focus he went out into the highways and by ways and recruited people to work in his field and he paid them appropriately.  In it’s essence the story is about the gospel but a further look we can see that it has direct correlation to us as individuals and business owners.  The owner didn’t like to see people idle or wasting their time he was proactive about his recruitment.  He wanted people to be useful for his field  (or in our case the kingdom) he was also willing to hire as many as he found and put them to useful work.  Our intent is help you identify, pursue and accomplish useful work for the kingdom.  We want you to find meaning in what you do both personally and vocationally; develop your personal message and be able to share it and live your life on mission making a long term impact on your employees, your community, and the world.  So if you are interested join us in the field and lets see what kind of harvest we can bring in.


About the Director

I’m a husband, dad, pastor and boss who is trying to live out the gospel amongst those who I work along side and direct.  I have a passion for helping others find their calling and pursue their goals to become a better person and make an impact.  I have lived my life hoping to make a difference in the lives of people I have encountered and worked along side both in the church and work place.

I earned a Masters in Theology with an emphasis in Leadership Development and have the spiritual gift of teaching and encouragement. I have taught both bible studies as well as special interest type ministry classes and have an interest in seeing people serve The Lord in the capacity He intended for their lives.

I have over 25 years of experience interviewing, hiring and training staff. I have also supervised as many as 65 staff members and have just as many years of experience working with teens and young adults.

My main emphasis is helping people identify their God given gifts and skills, and putting them to use in a way that will glorify Him and extend His kingdom.

I’m a homeschooling dad who believes that the next generation of leaders is right here in our living rooms.  To that end I strive to help young people identify their strengths, creativity, and purpose as they grow into the lights on a hill that God has designed them to be.

This business has grown out of a desire to see people be the best they can be and pursue those things that bring them the most joy and God the most glory.  Our creativity is a gift from God and I believe he wants us to use it to change the world and be a light in the darkness at the same time.  So check out our site and lets us know how we can help you discover your passion.