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Keep on swimming

The girl pictured in the above photo is my niece, Samantha.  Pictured with my beautiful wife.  Samantha is nine: On Saturday she just swam a mile in the ocean after running a mile. What did you do on Saturday?  Most kids her age (and probably most adults) were not thinking

Service vs the up sell

My wife and I were talking about dentists the other day which seems to be a frequent topic of discussion.  Whether its mine vs hers or mine compared to the kids or the one my sister in law goes to or the one we left.  Its always a similar conversation;

Worship breaks through

I attended a Mayor’s Prayer luncheon the other day.  I’ve attended this same luncheon before on numerous occasions.  But this year was different, the line up was the similar to years past but this year they added a worship leader.  In previous years they would play a song accompanying a

Planting seeds

I enjoy planting seeds. Every spring I get out some pots, mix up some dirt and plant some seeds.  Then I hope.  I water, I watch and I wait. About a month ago I planted some grape and pomegranate seeds, as well as two different bulb type plants I found

Be consisitent

I was thinking the other day, “what makes me successful or why do people think I do things well.”  It’s not that I’m necessarily exceptional it’s not even that I do all things great.  I’m just consistent at what I do.  I’m there every week, I show up when I

What are you missing?

Ever feel like you are in a rut.  Like your creativity has run dry?  Maybe you need to do something different to stir your creativity.  Your problem is you just don’t have the time to add something else to your calendar?  Well maybe you just need to add something.  Something

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