Experimented Lately?

When was the last time you experimented with something?  Or tried something new that you haven’t done before?  I tend to be experimental by nature at least when it comes to cooking.  I’ll mix this with that to see what it tastes like, or try this recipe just because sometimes it turns out good like…
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Set a goal and move on it

So what’s your goal this year? For this month, this week.  Do you want to learn a new skill?  Do you want to write a book?  Start a business.  There is no better time like the present to get started.  So where do you start?  If you’re like me, maybe you write everything down and…
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Getting started

Sometimes we just need to take an idea and run with it.  I have had this idea for quite some time and have but have only taken a half interest in it.  I’ve wanted to set the website up, offer classes, teach business lessons, write a blog and do video presentations.  I’ve toyed around with…
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