Getting started

Getting started

Sometimes we just need to take an idea and run with it.  I have had this idea for quite some time and have but have only taken a half interest in it.  I’ve wanted to set the website up, offer classes, teach business lessons, write a blog and do video presentations.  I’ve toyed around with it for quite some time, even got the domain name and had business cards made up etc…but I’ve never put my hand to the plow and plowed ahead.

In my goals for 2015, it was listed as a goal but only one of many until recently listening to two separate podcasts did I get some focus.  Both podcasters mentioned a Chinese proverb

If a fox chases two rabbits, he will catch neither.


I came to the realization that if I don’t focus on something, I will continue to wander from one idea to another…and NOT accomplish anything.  So in 2015 I have refocused my attention to helping home school students start new businesses, get a focus on their career goals, learn how to interview better, and how to be a testimony to the Lord in their work, lives, and culture.

So join me for the ride, come back often, comment, learn and grow.

Until next time.