Home School Ventures

All of our classes or programs are designed to challenge the student to consider God’s ultimate plan for their lives. Whether it relates to their career, starting a small business, or future course of study we aim to encourage each student towards God best for them.

Classes are offered over a semester length and are given HS credit usually 5 units require additional reading, homework and term papers/reports.  A grade is given at the completion of each semester.

Programs are ongoing and provide information, guidance and support the goal is the application of knowledge gained toward immediate results.  No grade is given but a certificate of completion is normally offered.

The following is a list of what is currently being offered:


Home School Ventures – Seminar

A one day (3hours) class on getting started running your own micro business.


defining your idea

naming your idea

Setting goals and business plan

next steps etc. what to do first

moving from idea to taking action.

Next Class: June, 2015

Home school ventures – Intensive

A four week class with more detail on how to start and run your own micro business or side gig.  Usually meets for 2 hrs one night per week for 4 weeks.

Wk 1 – Exploring the opportunities that are out there, getting started, brainstorming, first steps

Wk 2 – choose a business, name and product Define your business

Wk 3 – Marketing and promotion

Wk 4 time management, setting goals and getting started, taking action, next steps

Next class: Various locations


Getting Your Foot in the Door (Interviewing)

Interviewing tips, including making a good first impression, filling out the application, and getting your foot in the door.

Next Class: Not currently scheduled

Not Necessarily College Bound

Does everyone need to go to college? How do we direct our children towards what is best for them and help them make the right choices relating to building their career after high school. This workshop will discuss career assessments, alternatives to college, and the current state of higher education.

Currently offered at CHEA 2015


Exploring Careers 101 (Online)

This class examines the constantly changing workforce and helps the student best prepare for their future. Students will explore different career paths and the requirements for each and encourage the setting of goals in order to achieve their desired career.

Class includes: Reading assignments, written work, weekly discussion, and weekly devotional study. As well as 3 main reports/paper/projects throughout the semester.

Class is a semester in length and is worth 5 units when completed. Students will get a letter grade at the end of the semester and a certificate of completion.

As an optional part of each class we also offer a DISC assessment. The DISC assessment is a nationally recognized personality style assessment which will assist your student with finding how they best relate to others and what careers would be a good match for their personality type.

This class also explores pursuing a degree looking at both the pros and cons, but also taking a serious look at college loans, student debt, and alternate forms of education/training.

Next class July 2015