Pool Guy Web Service

Welcome Swimming Pool Learning groupies,

Thank you for following David’s referral for your website needs.

At Crossing the Divide we love working with solo-preneuers, small businesses and organizations helping them get from point A to point B in the simplest way possible.  That’s why we have begun offering our web site service.  We offer simple, easy to use websites so that you can focus on your business and not worry about your website marketing.

Because we like to keep things simple our websites have a limited number of pages and we offer a limited number of formats to choose from.  Again our goal is to get you from point A (no website) to point B (having a website).  Getting from point B to points C,D, and beyond is another story for another time.


What we will do is the following:

Register your domain

Host your website

Initial Site Development (up to 5 pages)

Provide one e-mail with e-mail forwarding

Make minor monthly changes

Provide monthly site analytic reports



A one time fee of $75 (includes 1st year domain registration)
Annual Service Charge of $120
Total Set-up charge for a website is $195.00 for the 1st year
2nd year+  annual charge of $120 plus $20 for domain name renewal: $140 per year.
I can also arrange monthly or quarterly payments but there will be a service charge applied.

Special requests as needed billed hourly rate.


Here are our 2017 designs to choose from

Clear Pool Products 1

Clear Pool Products 2

Clear Pool Products 3

Colors and photos are generally adaptable to your logo color scheme.


What we need from you:

Contact information

Photos (otherwise we use stock photos)

Logo & color choices

Verbage (we only put what you give us on the site)


Our goal would be to get you up and running within a weeks time.


So if you are interested contact us here


Also download the Pool Site design checklist to help you get started. (coming soon)


And thanks for letting us help you.