Service vs the up sell

Service vs the up sell

My wife and I were talking about dentists the other day which seems to be a frequent topic of discussion.  Whether its mine vs hers or mine compared to the kids or the one my sister in law goes to or the one we left.  Its always a similar conversation; shes not happy with their choices and I think mine is great, actually I know mine is great.

I’ve had the same dentist for as long as I can remember literally!  Well lets just say all of my adult life.  His office was recommended by a friend when I needed a root canal.  Prior to that I hadn’t been to the dentist much.  I went as a kid but it was a child’s dentist the office even had a full running HO train tack going from office to office.  But when I needed one as an adult he was no longer available so I went to this one.  At the time my dentist was a partner in the practice but has since taken over as my original dentist has retired.

So now enter the future I have dental insurance but I always seem to have a co-pay my wife on the other hand never seems to have much of a co-pay if at all.  So obviously mine costs more than the rest, but my response is always the same I like my dentist and they do good work.  As a matter of preventative maintenance my dentist is always checking my fillings to see if they need to be replaced and he normally says they look good for now maybe next time, my response is “well you do good work”.

But.. my wife’s experience is different she feels as though every time she goes to the dentist they are trying to sell her something else or find something else to “bill” for.  On the latest trip they even wondered if my son would need “laughing gas” to help with a chipped tooth (which is totally minor and had no pain by the way).  She said no of course but the sentiment is there always having to be on her guard when she goes to the dentist which produces stress and anxiety.

My trips are always fairly peaceful and stress free (and so are hers when she goes to my dentist).  So what the difference?  I would say value.  I believe my dentist values his patients and has the best health of our teeth in mind.  The others are more interested in making a buck or trying sell us all they can while we are in their office.  To one we’re patients to the others we’re customers and the difference is obvious because its real.

So what’s the lesson here?  As christian business men or women or goal should be to serve those we derive an income from, whether its selling an item or providing a service we should seek to serve not sell.  Jesus himself said he came to serve not to be served.  Our customers are not just numbers they are people in need of a savior and worthy to be served not sold or up sold.

When we follow Jesus’ example and put people first the blessings come but when we serve the dollar first the people know it and will take their business else where and with it any blessing we might have derived.  So who are you serving?