Have you ever had one of those conversations that stick in your mind for a few days afterward? Not the kind where you regret something you said or should have said, but the kind that influences your demeanor or outlook until you shake it off or come to terms with what you discussed. Well, I had one of those conversations recently. I had the opportunity to spend some time with a couple of longtime friends, and I have to say it was time well spent. It was wonderful to hang out and laugh about old times. But after our visit there was something that kept sticking in my mind. It was the nagging thought that we were all getting old, no even worse, that we were already old. (Order the e-book)

I have a problem. I call it Do It Myself Syndrome “D.I.M.S” for short. It typically goes something like this; I need stepping stones for my plants to sit on in the yard. I think should make my own then I can make a custom design that would be cool. So instead of running down to the nearest home improvement store and just buying some cheap stepping stones, I get out some old wood and cut it up and make a mold then it sits
there in the garage because I never buy the cement to finish the process, but I still need the stones. Order the e-book